Motivational speech / presentation Navjot Singh Siddhu

By | February 19, 2015
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Want to become an amazing motivational speaker / presenter / orator / narrator?

Check this

Awesome motivational speech by Mr.Navjot Singh Siddhu

Listen to it carefully, also check how confidently he is speaking. Do catch the message as well as the amazing accent, clarity of words and the articulations (voice modulations) he has used here.

He is a wonderful orator & narrator, binds the audience by adding humor to his speech n with his pace of voice, just like a rap we need to point our ears to his mouth that fires words like a machine gun. 😉 😛

He has great command over voice, and you must also notice his gestures and facial expressions. Also notice his body language & posture, he is more of like enjoying the speech himself more and that help in connecting with the audience all the more.

No matter how much funny Mr. Navjot Singh Siddhu talks, but most of us are already aware of his innovative & creative use of words and the best noticeable thing is that there’s always a message or moral behind his words. No matter what words fall on our ear drums, a good message always is liked by our sub-conscious mind and we develop an inclination towards listening to the person. Though most of the people don’t follow the “good things” being told, everyone appreciates and loves to listen to them.

He always includes some instances and real life facts that are invariable and true and inclusion of such facts always develops a sense of confidence for both – the listener as well as the speaker. And the best part of his vocal conversation is ORIGINALITY! Its not that the things that the things or message or the instance has to be original, rather the way to communicate it that needs to be different! His crazy and mind boggling usage of varied words and exemplary statements to relate things together is the key talent that adds the spice to even simple lines.

Towards the end, you can very well see, that though he was evidently the best presenter on stage, but on the back of his mind he had a time piece ticking, that is very important for a successful presentation or speech, so as not to get into the boring mode.

All is well that ends well… because one end creates the base for next new beginning and he does ensure that audience always want more… n that is what helps the next time. So ensure to maintain a constant pace from beginning to the end. Hope this example would help you improvise.

All the best!

-Vaibhav Munjaal

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