Microsoft Windows 10 – HoloLens

Microsoft Windows 10 -HoloLens

Here’s Windows 10 Hologram Trailer and Live Demo – Microsoft Windows 10 HoloLens Hologram

Microsoft Windows 10 HoloLens

Microsoft Windows 10 HoloLens

This is just awesome, a real 3’D interaction and Continue reading

Are you feeling low?

feeling low

For anyone who is feeling low…
this is an amazing video that would get you back up and moving forward to your intended goals. Do watch it! Truly inspiring…



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Motivational speech / presentation Navjot Singh Siddhu

Want to become an amazing motivational speaker / presenter / orator / narrator? Check out this

Awesome motivational speech by Mr.Navjot Singh Siddhu

Listen to it carefully, also check how confidently he is speaking. Do catch the message as well as Continue reading

Correct opening lines

beginning of a speech

Don’t spend opening seconds “thanking” the group for the opportunity, or talk about what a beautiful facility you are speaking in, or what a marvelous day it is. Choose opening words that make the audience want to listen.
Try beginning with Continue reading

Presentations Need Humor

Humor in Presentations
Humor in presentations
It is necessary to add humor to big and long going presentations so as to keep the audience listening. Try to use interactive humor drawn from the audience itself observing and reacting accordingly, needs strong manipulations, but remember Continue reading

Boost confidence for public speaking

Boost your confidenceYou surely need to boost up your confidence before stepping on to the stage or public speaking. You might feel some nervousness before giving a public speech or presentation, it is natural and even beneficial, but too much nervousness may lead to degraded performance.

To have better presentations you may follow these tips:

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No fear-Unbeatable unity

With this kind of unity and devotion at heart, there’s no place for insecurity & no fear, no matter how big the challenge may be, check out this awesome video found on YouTube

Amazing Unity

Taken from the epic movie 300 (a must watch) this scene shows the aura of the leader and the fellowship and motivation of the Spartans. For any leader it is must to Continue reading